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Rearden Studios: editorial and online finishing.

  HANUMAN  Directed by Mexican video artist Lola Creel and shot by award-winning DP Ron Fricke (Baraka), Hanuman is a short film of stunning visual images interpreting the writings of Mexican poet, Octavio Paz.

Rearden Studios: production, VFX, editorial and online finishing.

  EVERYTHING IS OK  Directed by Kelly Tunstall, this HD music video for Halou's single "Everything is OK" is an adventure in mixed media. A fresh combination of sculptural elements, digitally-created scenes, hand-rendered images and live action footage, the sequence features a tribe of fierce puppets who meet their match when a beautiful visitor comes to their island.
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Rearden Studios: editorial and online finishing.

  HOPE  Directed by Catherine Margerin, Hope is an innovative and powerful short film on the theme of peace and personal responsibility. Inspired by the philosophy of Native American storyteller Willy Whitefeather, the film combines hand-drawn animation with original High Definition and archival footage to bring the viewer on a powerful journey through human existence. Hope is being shown at festivals nationwide, and was awarded the Spirit award for Best Short at the 2005 Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood, CA.

A LITTLE BIT OF HOPE  See Hope featured on apple.com.